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Trianga's Project: Battle Splash 2.0 (or Battle Splash) is a non-violence team-based third person water shooter filled with chaotic splashes that everyone can enjoy together. Combining the Quake-like gameplay mechanics with bloodless nature of water fights, this shooter will retain the intensiveness of arena classics, while being friendly to every ages. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the fast-paced aquatic warfare of Battle Splash without the worry of being affected by violence.

Players can choose one of 4 character classes with different attributes and abilities, while wielding a set of 4 sci-fi water weapons with no restriction for a wide range of playstyle. These classes are also equipped with class-specific items based on strength and advantages of the characters to create surprise and frenzy experience. By utilizing the characters and weapons, players will challenge against other opponents in order to secure the top place in the scoreboard, or team up with others to complete the objectives. Players can spray water bullets against AI bots, or join with friends for a party of water balls across colorful and soothing playgrounds. 


Battle Splash is a Zero-budget project, solely made by its creator, designer and programmer: Mai Nguyen Binh Hung (or Hung Mai in western culture). He is also a co-founder of Dranya Studio, an independent video game studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The game has been developed since 2013 and started as a small multiplayer prototype with partially completed mechanisms. Battle Splash itself is made with inspirations from water guns and classic shooters for an enjoyable experience for all ages. Currently, the game doesn’t have the release date yet since the developer is still making more content.


  • An intense, fast-paced, action-packed third-person shooter filled with crazy water bullets and unpredictable splashes.
  • Master the game with your very own skills, with mechanics inspired from arena classics like Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2.
  • eSports-oriented designs for balanced and strategic gameplay, but with simple access for everyone: from casual players to hardcore gamers.
  • Battle Splash is an action shooter, but it doesn’t mean that there will be blood and gore. In fact, "Violence" in this game will be more friendly to all ages.
  • Play it your way: Freely accessible water weapons for universal play styles, from traditional water balloons to futuristic water guns. But things can kick up to a notch with unique items for each girl to achieve total chaos.
  • Make a supersized water fight with 32 players on large playgrounds.

Story Edit

Currently, there is no "Story Mode" in Battle Splash, yet the developer has already designed a story for the entire game, which explains a lot about Battle Splash's design and gameplay.

Battle Splash tells a story of Trianga (Tina) Polyga, a teenage genius specialized in weapon designing who decided to stop making weapons as she did not want to bring more destruction and chaos to the world anymore. She wanted to make something that brings joy to people, allows them to experience enjoyable things easier. Thus, the Brainwave-Oriented Simulation system (or B.O.S.s) was created by her. This system uses brainwave to send stimulation instructions to player's brain, alters their senses, so that they can see, smell, taste, hear, feel, and experience the virtual worlds in the most realistic way. The system uses a series of beacons to define a "simulation space" (a physical area like a room), so that all player has to do is just step right into that area, and the system will do the rest.

However, without a specific purpose, Trianga realized that the system will soon become useless, so she desperately looked for a specific scenario that everyone can take part in and enjoy their time together. It was not until she visited a public park on a rainy day that Trianga finally found her inspiration of making Battle Splash. She was stuck in the park that day because of the rain, and unlike her, there were many kids really enjoys their time with the rain - which reminded her about her childhood. Battle Splash was thus born, featuring high speed water balloons with the aim of becoming the best squirt gun fight ever.

Upon Battle Splash creation, she invited her sister Quadra (Quad) Polyga, her best friend Temiko (Lotus) Kangara and her cousins Pentaga (Penny) Polyga to test the game out for the first time. It was a great time for them, until the fail-safe protocol was broken, trapping them inside the simulation. There were only two options for them: either waiting for the battery to run out (about 8 hours in real-time, but could be months in the simulation, since the system also alters user's sense of space and time), or traveling to the final world where there were a hidden interface that could halt the entire simulation. Unwilling to do nothing, the girls started their unexpected journey, traveled to different worlds where many surprises lied ahead.

The current Battle Splash gameplay timeline concentrates on the time after the incident.

Weapons Edit

Unlike many other games (even the original Battle Splash), Battle Splash 2.0 uses a system called Weapon Module to manage player's load-out. Weapons are divided into 4 types: Rifle, Bazooka, Pistol, and Balloon. Each type can attach different compatible Fire Modules (or Weapon Modules), and since only one fire module can be attached to a weapon at a time, player has to manually change their weapon's module in real-time. This way, player can modify their load-out to suit their play-style, while, at the same time, mix up their load-out according to their current tactic. However, each weapon type takes different amount of time to change module, thus this process can be time-consuming as player has to switch back and forth among weapons and modules. In some situation, choosing the right module at the right moment could be critical for player to achieve victory.

There are currently a total of 8 fire modules in Battle Splash, divided into two groups: the Efficient Module Set and the Overpowered Module Set.

Fire Module Edit

In Battle Splash, Fire Module defines the behavior of the weapon, such as weight, accuracy, water consumption (magazine size), balloon (bullet) type, and firing mode.

Module Type Set
Sniper Straight Module Rifle Efficient Module
Sniper Ballistic Module Rifle Overpowered Module
"Bazoka" Ballistic Module Bazooka Efficient Module
"Bazoka" Straight Module Bazooka Overpowered Module
Pistol Ballistic Module Pistol Efficient Module
Pistol Straight Module Pistol Overpowered Module
Balloon Ballistic Module Balloon Efficient Module
Balloon Skipper Module Balloon Overpowered Module

Characters and ItemsEdit

There are a total of 4 characters with special item in Battle Splash

Character Special Item
Temiko Kangara Recon Pole
Trianga Polyga Turret Seed
Pengata Polyga Disk Dryer
Quadra Polyga Digital Shield

Game ModesEdit

There are currently 3 official game modes for Battle Splash:


Battle Splash does not take place in a specific world, but instead features many different maps in different worlds, aesthetics and timelines. Each map provides different layout and mechanic, thus forces player to change their tactics accordingly. However, all layouts are designed to be "as straight-forward as possible", meaning there is no dead-end, so players can just push forward, and they eventually reach their destination.

There are currently 4 maps available for Battle Splash:

  • Medieval City 
  • Medieval Citadel
  • Countryside
  • Paper World

Trivia Edit

  • Battle Splash was actually an experimental project until 2015, previously named "Project: Splash!".
  • Battle Splash 2.0 implies that this is the new version of Battle Splash, which is very different from the original prototype from 2012 - 2013, in terms of designs, gameplay, and aesthetic. In terms of the game's lore, this is the fixed version after the incident with the previous version of the game, thus Trianga versioned it "2.0".
  • The heart of every weapon in Battle Splash is the Portable Liquid Compressor (PLC or Portable Water Compressor - PWC) invented by Trianga. This device can compress an amount of liquid into a smaller capsule (called Water Balloon in Battle Splash), which makes it easier for storing and transporting. User usually has to do a full Bolt-action cycle in order to suck the necessary amount of Water from the Magazine and push it into the Compressor. Depends on the amount of liquid and the desired compressed volume that the "stability" of a capsule is determined: more liquid and less compressed volume results in an unstable capsule (i.e easy to break), thus will change the behavior of capsule. The material used for encapsulating the compressed liquid also alters the capsule behavior with the outer environment.
  • All the characters in Battle Splash are designed to be "as Normal and Friendly as possible" since the game is meant for all ages. They also lack of complicated/tactical movement such as crouch or prone because of this. However, there are some intended movement tricks that player can perform based on the Splash's Kinematic Properties, which were inspired from Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2. The most popular ones are Rocket Jump and Balloon Hop.



Battle Splash Early Access Trailer

Battle Splash Early Access Trailer

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